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The Official page for info about the e-book series called the Alderzen Chronicles by Christopher RM Douthit. Here, you can see Character profiles, lore and legends, links to the E-books online, and more!

The StoryEdit

The Alderzen Chronicles are set in the shattered kingdom of Aldezar far, far in the past. Sunlight has turned cold. Black clouds fill the sky, forests sit in rot and decay, and grass has turned grey and is dying. The Three tribes have an uneasy peace, with much hatred and racism. The tribes are divided into the Black, Grey,

Grey tribe village

and White tribe. All in this kingdom have fainting remembrances of what are known as the Dreams, a time before the Age of Darkness. Glimpses of joy and happiness before the Day, when everything changed. Through all this, the Dark Being watches, waiting for the day to strike. The plot of the series develops following the story of Orphius, a member of the Grey tribe of the Hunter-Messenger class. Over the course of the series, while simply trying to save his family, he will discover secrets about his past that will ultimately alter the future of the entire kingdom. On the side, you will discover the individual stories of characters such as Ethlon, and many more.

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